School building project

A Haitian teacher post-earthquake teaches a classroom of students at TeacHaiti American VolunteersOur school building is currently being constructed! The school will educate approximately 150 students. It opened its doors in September 2016 to 34 hopeful pre-school students.

Phase 1 of construction is set to be completed by spring 2017. The phase will include the construction of three classrooms, a multi-purpose room, cafeteria/kitchen, food pantry, bathrooms and offices. Phase 2 will include three additional classrooms, admin building and guard house. The school is being built with the ability to add a second floor in the future. Initial grades will include K-3rd and then grow to K-6th.

The long-term plan is to acquire two additional sites that will be used for recreation and agriculture to help support the school and feed the kids. TeacHaiti is aiming to start several sustainable projects including a goat farm, vegetable garden, plaintains and solar panels to provide electricity for the school.

It is being built in the very poor community of St. Michel, our founder’s hometown. The school is the first of its kind in the area. The biggest needs in St Michel are schools and orphanages.

If you prefer to donate by check, please mail your donation to:
PO Box 1173
Detroit Lakes, MN 56502

St Michel is very affordable compared to Port-Au-Prince and consequently we will have a greater, more cost-effective when it comes to educating children in Haiti.

Haitian school in St Michel Haiti school location Typical School in St Michel
Haiti school grounds where future school will be build Grounds for Future School
Haiti school plans for building projects in Haitian school grounds Sketch of Future School Building

Thanks to the corporate sponsors of Kerns Group Architecture and Christopher Consultants for the professional design services