TeacHaiti School of Hope Flag of HaitiMiquette named the project TeacHaiti. She organized a Board of Directors, registered the name with the State of Minnesota, established a mission statement and began the work of obtaining 501 © 3 status. She started fund raising with the goal of being able to send 10 children to school in Haiti at a cost of $350 per student. The $350 would cover tuition, books, uniforms and one meal a day for each student at school. By the spring of 2007 when it was time for her to return to Haiti, she had raised enough funds to send 41 students to school that fall in Haiti. It was a grand beginning for a very young organization.

After arriving back in Haiti, Miquette formed an Enrollment Committee. They were going to be responsible for interviewing potential students and their families and selecting the students for the upcoming school year. The committee assesses need and academic ability. The TeacHaiti program requires that students maintain a B average. If students require extra academic support, tutors will be found to assist them.

Haiti Earthquake School of Hope TeacHaitiThe Board of Directors in Detroit Lakes continued to pursue the 501 © 3 status and made plans for Miquette to visit the following summer. She returned to the US in June of 2008 and shared many stories about the success of the first school year of TeacHaiti. She told about the students’ progress and their grateful parents. Students ranged in age from 5 to over 20. Older students may have had to drop out of school many times, when they no longer could pay the tuition. TeacHaiti gave them the opportunity to return to school and complete their education. As Miquette spoke, she raised funds, with the hopes of adding new students to the TeacHaiti scholarship project.

By the fall of 2008, there were now 105 students supported by the TeacHaiti program. Three college students were also receiving support from TeacHaiti, so that they could realize their dreams of becoming nurses and laboratory technicians. The school year was off to a fantastic beginning.