The Story – Part 2


TeacHaiti School of Hope Flag of HaitiAfter graduation, Miquette remained in Minnesota for a year, putting her degree to work both in a nursing home and at a hospital. Her own story was far from over. And yet, compared to the stories of most other Haitians, she was already well on her way to a happy ending.

Miquette knew better than anyone how fortunate she really was. She’d received an amazing opportunity, one that many in her country would never have.

Reflecting on this sad realization, Miquette dreamed of a world where her own story was not so rare. Soon, her dream grew, turned into a reality, and was embraced by others. Not long after, the dream became known as TeacHaiti.


Haiti Earthquake School of Hope TeacHaitiIn her first year after graduating college, Miquette shared her vision for TeacHaiti with friends, co-workers, churches, community organizations, and, well, pretty much anyone who would listen.

The reception was very strong. It was strong enough, in fact, that she created a Board of Directors, who worked to help TeacHaiti become an official 501 c 3 non-profit.

Knowing she’d be returning to the U.S. in the spring of 2007, she set a goal to raise funds for ten children in Haiti to attend school. By the time she left the U.S., however, over four times that many had been sponsored.

Returning to Haiti, Miquette set up a committee to interview candidates for the student sponsorships, who would select students based on need and academic ability. The first year (2007-2008) was a great success, but TeacHaiti was only getting started. In year two, the numbers grew from 41 to 105, and then to 163 in the third year.