At TeacHaiti, we have developed several related programs to meet the educational and general needs of children in Haiti. Here is a quick overview of our programs. To learn more, click the link by the program you’d like to know more about.

Our education program serves more than 440 students:
School of Hope, Port-au-Prince: 245
School of Hope, St. Michel: 34
University: 13
Partner schools: 149
TeacHaiti is very proud to support several students attending college. Read the stories of our past graduates.

On Monday, October 11, 2010, TeacHaiti celebrated an event many years in the making. The “School of Hope” opened its doors in Port-au-Prince, welcoming sixty-five eager and excited 1st – 4th grade students.

The School of Hope plans on adding a class yearly until it houses grades K-12.

The jewelry program helps teach our students valuable vocational skills while also generating income to support their educational needs. Students of TeacHaiti grades 7-13 come to the School of Hope weekly to help make jewelry.

We use a variety of recycled materials, including magazines, calendars, brochures, newspaper, and cereal boxes to make the jewelry.