Every Saturday students of TeacHaiti grades 7-13 come to the School of Hope and help make jewelry. We recycle a variety of paper products, including magazines, calendars, brochures, newspaper, and cereal boxes to make jewelry.

Haitian Art Work to raise money for college scholarships and child sponsorships in HaitiWhere do the proceeds go?
Half the proceeds made from jewelry sales are used to buy supplies for the jewelry program, to provide transportation for students and parents to the art program, and to cover the salary for a part-time staff.

One of the artisans who teaches and supervises the jewelry program is in secondary school. Although she is in her twenties and should be in college, like thousands of brilliant students in Haiti, she did not have enough money as a child to continue with her education. Therefore, she stopped attending school and because of her age TeacHaiti could not match her with a sponsor. Her dream of completing high school remains however and she is fulfilling her dream by applying the support she receives from teaching the art of jewelry making to fund her education.

Investing in the future
Sadly, students who are privileged enough to finish high school in Haiti oftentimes find it impossible to attend college. Less than 1% of high school graduates attend college due to lack of funding. It is our goal to help these students reach their dreams and help them exercise their God-given minds and talents to make a difference for themselves, their families and their country. Therefore, we have started a college fund for the TeacHaiti students where the other half of the proceeds made from the jewelry program go into a specific college fund in order to help them attend post-secondary education. You can help more TeacHaiti students go to College by getting involved.

Haitian student beads to raise money for college scholarships and child sponsorships in Haiti at TeacHaitiHow can you help with the Jewelry Program?
Host a Jewelry Party at your home, your church, or among your friends
Once you have decided on hosting a jewelry party, please email for more information. We will send you the necessary materials to get started, no money up front is required.

If you have a store or know of a store that would like to sell our jewelry (wholesale Price is given), please email

Here is a list of items needed on a regular basis.
Mod podge, varnish(water based preferred), jewelry strings, guillotine paper cutters, scrapbook paper, jump rings, earring wire, lanyard hooks, lanyards, wood beads, glass beads, and necklace clasps.

Where you can find our Jewelry:
1. Gift Shop Unique Design in Hawley, MN
2. Fair Hills Resort, Detroit Lakes, MN
3. EcoLoco. 55 East Main Street.
Littiz, PA 17543. Phone: 717-475-0403.
4. Green Springs
117 Ram Cat Alley
Seneca SC 29678

5. The Charm of Dresden
517 Main Street
Dresden, OH 43821
Phone :740.754.1525
Toll Free: 866.283.7605
Fax: 740.754.2404

Please visit them if they are in your area.