Haiti Sponsor a Child Scholarship Haitian Sponsoring Student sponsorships are the lifeline for TeacHaiti. Without them, we could not accomplish our goal of educating children living in poverty in Haiti. The sponsorship program pairs sponsors with our students in K-6th grades. We currently have more than 380 students in our sponsorship program, who are educated either at our School of Hope in Port-Au-Prince or one of our partner schools.

A student sponsorship is just $1 a day. This expense covers the cost of a child’s education, school supplies, uniforms, meals and healthcare. It just shows you how $1 can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE for our children.

TeacHaiti student sponsor a child sponsorship scholarship scholarsThe majority of schools in Haiti are private, making it very difficult for parents living in poverty to send their children to school. These parents are desperate for their children to receive an education, giving their kids the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and emerge as successful individuals. TeacHaiti is on a mission to help these parents and children who have great potential without the means to accomplish their dreams. This is all made possible through our student sponsorships.

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