College Students

College Scholarships
One of the goals at TeacHaiti is to see each student attend a university after graduation. Their continued education would help make their dreams come true, enable them to support themselves and their families and ultimately serve their country. It is rare in Haiti to achieve a high school education. A shocking stat is that 99% of Haitian high school grads do not go on to attend college. This is due exclusively to the financial hurdles.

The funds TeacHaiti is able to provide for the college scholarships come primarily from the art program. The jewelry students make is the primary source of tuition income. TeacHaiti is proud to say that we have 12 students currently enrolled in universities. There are also 3 alumni who are currently working and helping to make a difference in the lives around them.

“There are no words to thank TeacHaiti for their generosity given to me over the years.”

“I have the privilege of waking up every day and going to work. My job gives me so much pride, dignity and satisfaction.”

Nadege is currently working in a remote province and using her God-given gifts.

“When TeacHaiti started to pay for my school, I started to study even harder than ever, because I knew for sure that my dream of going to college was finally within reach.”