Jeff Michel


Jeff Michel is a 19 year old young man. Jeff has been in TeacHaiti for almost 4 years. Jeff has a unique story. His mother died in 2002 from a stroke. His father (Mr. Belony) has struggled to provide for his 4 children. Jeff’s dad is a janitor at the school (Quisqueya) where I am a school nurse and a teacher. He is a man who loves to provide for his children. It breaks his heart to see his children just barely getting by. I met Belony 5 years ago and my heart melted for him right away. Such a humble man who loves his children dearly. Jeff’s dad constantly thanks TeacHaiti for helping him with his son’s high school education.

Jeff was excited to have his high school diploma. This is a special document because many students and children in Haiti will never earn one. He graduated as one of the top students in his class. Jeff’s dream is to become an accountant. TeacHaiti just paid for his tuition to start making his dreams come true. Jeff is currently enrolling in University in Down town Port au Prince. He will graduate with the class of 2016.

Jeff said “There are no words to thank TeacHaiti for their generosity given to me over the years. I cannot believe I am actually a college student. Not even in a million years did I think I would have the financial means to ever attend college. Thank you so much TeacHaiti for believing in me and for the giving the audacity to dream of a better future for myself.”