Nadege Charles


In 2007 I met a young woman named Nadege Charles. She came to me and asked for help to attend college. She was a humble student, but had worked extremely hard and found success in her studies. She had a dream to become a nurse. She had finished high school several years earlier, but had been unable to figure out a way to pay for her post-secondary education.

I shared with Nadege that I was sorry her dreams had not come true. I sincerely regretted that she could not use her strengths and skills to help her people. Unfortunately, I had to tell her that TeacHaiti was not able to give college scholarships. She was heartbroken, and I was too. Being the assertive woman that she is, she returned in 2008 with the same request. I proposed the idea to the TeacHaiti board of directors in Minnesota, and as always, they supported the idea.

In only three years, Nadege graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She was first in her class starting in her freshman year. She graduated summa cum laude in a class of over 60 students. I was so proud to hear her exquisite valedictory speech. I tried hard to hold back the tears of joy.

During her address, she heaped thanks upon TeacHaiti. She is grateful that TeacHaiti believed in her competence and gave her a chance to make her nursing dreams come true. Nadege is currently working in a remote province where she is using her God given gifts. She has found a way to make a difference for the Haitian people. I am so very proud of her.