Roseline Pierre

Lab Technologist

Unlike many students in Haiti, Roseline was fortunate enough to finish high school. Roseline’s dream had always been to work in a hospital. When Roseline graduated from high school, her parents could not afford to send her to higher education. Roseline’s dream started to slip away. Roseline contacted TeacHaiti and expressed her desire to go to college to become a lab technologist. After much consideration, TeacHaiti sent her to a lab technology school where she learned to become a lab technologist.

Roseline worked hard and passed all of her classes. She is currently working as a lab technologist in a hospital in Port-au- Prince. Recently, I (Miquette) needed to get some lab tests done and Roseline was the one to draw my blood and conducted the necessary tests. I was so proud of her skills and professionalism. I am so thankful to TeacHaiti for helping her reach her dreams.

Roseline stated “Without the TeacHaiti program, my goals of attending college would still be a dream. My life will never be the same because now, I can provide for myself. I have the privilege of waking up every day and going to work. My job gives me so much pride, dignity and satisfaction.”