Nehemie Sannon

I met Nehemie through her father who works as a janitor at my work place. His father’s name is Leroicin Sannon. He and his wife have 3 children. Nehemie is the last one. The family has very little but Leroicin and his wife have big dreams for their children. They work hard to make sure they can have an education. Despite their hard work, they could not help Nehemie finish her high school years. I met Nehemie when she was in 9th grade.

Her parents could not keep making her education payments. TeacHaiti took over and started paying for Nehemie’s tuition until she graduated in 2011. Talking to Nehemie, reminded me of my own story.

She shared with me, “Because my parents could frequently not afford the monthly fees, many times I was sent home by my school director. I knew for a fact that I would not have the opportunity to finish high school and ultimately attend college which had always been my dream.

Consequently, I started losing interest in my studies. When TeacHaiti started to pay for my school, I started to study even harder than ever, because I knew for sure that my dream of going to college was finally within reach. I started thinking of life differently. I started to dream again. I started to see myself as a potential leader, someone who will be able to help others through my education. I graduated with 36 students in my senior class. Less than 5 of them are currently enrolled in college. I am one of the very fortunate one who in college right now.”