Art Program

TeacHaiti Art Program Artistic Haiti Talent Haitian Artists ArtOne of the unique programs at the School of Hope is the art program. Many schools in Haiti do not have an art program. Therefore we are very proud to be able to include the art program in our curriculum. TeacHaiti has been fortunate to partner with Espwa Pou Lavi Timoun yo (ELT) to enrich the art program. ELT is a great art program in Haiti whose goal is to form young artists into professional painters and sculptors. ELT provides TeacHaiti with three art instructors. Two of them teach painting, wood carving and sculpting, and one teaches crocheting and knitting. Many people in the United States paint or knit for fun – with them it is a hobby. Teaching these skills to students at School of Hope is more than a hobby. It is a way to a better future. We hope to sell the student’s work and save the proceeds for their college education. Our goal at the School of Hope is to prepare each and every one of our high school graduates to attend post-secondary education.

TeacHaiti Art Program Artistic Haiti Talent Haitian Artists Art Drawing PaintingWe are always looking for art supplies: wood carving tools, pain brushes of all kinds and sizes, paint, both water-based and acrylic, and crocheting and knitting materials. If you have items to donate please contact us before shipping so that we can inform you about how to best send things to Haiti.