Two Healthy TeacHaiti Students Nutrition Health protein well fed Students at the School of Hope are fed twice daily Monday-Friday. Art students are fed on Saturday as well. Many of the students are the poorest of the poor. Feeding them is essential for their well-being. Many students come to school with no breakfast and usually have gone to bed with no supper. Their parents cannot afford to feed them on a regular basis. Students enjoy coming to the School of Hope not only because they are learning but because they also know coming to school may be their only way of getting a meal for the day. We are truly blessed knowing that students are being taken care of as a whole, in mind and body.

TeacHaiti requires that each parent volunteers one day a week to come and help us with cooking and cleaning. Parents have been very involved in support of the school and each day the school has a different crew of parents who come to help with the feeding program. It has been wonderful to see parents take ownership and responsibility for their children in the TeacHaiti program.