Sponsorship FAQ

At what age do children start school in Haiti?
Students usually start school at the age of 3. They go to preschool, pre-K, kindergarten then 1st grade and so on.

What is a normal school year?
School years begin the first week of September and go through the end of June.

Is there a deadline to receive sponsorship money?
Yes. The deadline is July 31st. If you miss the renewal deadline, your sponsored child may be assigned another sponsor as to cover them for the school year. Of course, you can renew any time and your donation will still go toward sponsoring a child that we select.

TeacHaiti young child looking for sponsorship scholarship to TeacHaitiMay I sponsor the same child the following year if I want to?
Yes, you can. To do so, we ask that you renew your sponsorship by July 31st each year. We do our best to keep our sponsors with their same students for as long as the sponsors are able to support their particular child’s education and as long as the child maintains a B average. Once students reach 4th grade, TeacHaiti requires that its students maintain a B average to continue in the program.

If a student does not maintain that average, he or she will no longer be part of the program. That student’s place will be given to another student. The sponsor will be notified of the change and a new student would be assigned to you. We do our best to help our students succeed. They are provided with everything they need for school including their books. We meet with them periodically to check on their academic progress. If a child is falling behind, we find tutors to help them. We do everything we can to help the children succeed.

What does my $365/year cover?
Your monthly donation of $31 or $365 a year covers a sponsorship for a student. We may pair sponsors to cover a student’s entire sponsorship. The money also covers a daily meal for your student. Your gift allows a child to attend school who otherwise could not afford to do so.

Can I send gifts to my sponsored student?
There are a few occasions where you might send a small gift to your student. Every year, we have a Christmas party and it is a great time for sponsors to send a gift. However, we encourage that sponsors to make a monetary donation here on our website so that we can buy the gift for the child in Haiti. This allows us to avoid hefty delivery charges. Also, if you wish to send a birthday gift to your sponsored child, we ask that you do so through a monetary gift on our website as well. If you plan on sending a gift via mail, please make sure it is no more than one pound. Any gifts heavier than this require a fee to receive.

TeacHaiti young child looking for sponsorship scholarship to TeacHaitiA young Haitian boy looking for sponsorship to attend school at School of Hope at TeacHaitiMay I write to my sponsored child?
Yes. You may write to your child and send the letter to Miquette’s address in Fort Pierce, Florida. TeacHaiti will translate your letter into French/Creole and give it to your sponsored child.

Mail letters to:
Miquette Denie
3170 Airmans Drive
Unite 2029-QCS
Ft Pierce, FL 34946

What other ways can I get involved?
TeacHaiti has a fine art program in which the students make jewelry among other things. The money for the jewelry is used to fund the tuition for our college students. If you would like to host a jewelry party, it is very simple. Email TeacHaiti at info@teachaiti.org with the number of people you are anticipating and we will send you a variety of jewelry for the party.

Donate by Mail
Click Here to use our PDF printer friendly form to fill out and mail in along with your check donation. More information is provided in the PDF.

Donate by ACH 
 Click Here to use our PDF printer friendly form to fill out and mail in. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at info@teachaiti.org.

Please mail your donation and forms to:
PO Box 1173
Detroit Lakes, MN 56502