Supplies Needed

School supplies for Haiti Haitian students school supply needsOver half of Haitian Children do not go to school due to lack of funding and public schools. The students who are fortunate enough to go to school usually lack the basic school supplies they need to perform in school. TeacHaiti takes great pride in providing our students with all of the schools supplies needed to perform well in school. We would like to continue providing these students with their needed supplies however, we need help. If you would like to help with school supplies, please click on the general link bottom on the main page to help us meet the needs of our students and office. Below is a list of supplies needed with quantity and cost.

Supplies needed

Item Needed Quantity Needed Cost
Books, writing utensils, art supplies per child 250 $50 per child
Uniform per child 250 $25
Backpack 250 $10/backpack
School desks for students 25 $45 per desk
Teacher’s desk with chairs 2 $350 per desk
Books for the library 300 $10-15/book
guillotine paper cutter 3-5 $50-65