Sustainable Projects

TeacHaiti is currently working towards adding several sustainable projects at our School of Hope in St. Michel. The land is abundant and the soil is rich. Our team is currently looking for sponsors who would like to support a sustainable project.

We are hoping to begin a goat farm by early this year. Our goal is to buy about 450 goats for the year to represent our total 450 students in the TeacHaiti program. The goats will produce 2-3 young per year. They will be used as a food source for both schools. The cost per goat is about $65, which includes the cost of the infrastructure we need to sustain them.

Our second sustainable project concerns electricity. We would like to have solar panels that could provide power to our St. Michel school during the school day. The bid to acquire the solar panels and put the infrastructure in place is $18,000.

Lastly, we would like to plant some vegetables and fruits, specifically plantains to support the nutrition of our students. The produce could also be sold to the village residents to provide an income for our St. Michel school. The land at our school site is quite abundant and the soil is ideal for planting and growing.

If you’d like to support any of our sustainable projects, please send us an email at or you may donate to the General Fund and write a note for which sustainable project you’d like to help fund.