We Love Our Volunteers

Music ladies bring sweet sounds to School of Hope
Music ladies
At the School of Hope, we strongly promote music among our students. We believe all children are gifted with something and some in the area of music. Many times this gift is discovered as our students learn a new instrument.

We were thrilled to host our wonderful music ladies in early December from the Fairfax, VA area: Doris, Sharon and Brittany. This was the third visit for Doris and Sharon and the first for Brittany. Our kids were so excited to hear new sounds and learn new instruments.

The ladies brought some instruments such as ukulele and keyboard. They had music activities for all grades.

At the end of the week, the students put on a wonderful musical show for their parents to show all they had learned that week.

Building Hope: Groups visits from Bedford, PA
A wonderful group of five people from Bedford, Pennsylvania arrived in Port-Au-Prince on October 17. They didn’t waste much time, getting to work on our playground at the School of Hope. The team worked on fixing swings that had been condemned due to injuries. They brought some new, sturdy sets to replace the old, wooden ones.

We then took the long drive to St. Michel. After a flat tire, driving through 10 rivers, we made it there five hours later. The group visited the plot of land where the new school will be built. They enjoyed seeing the size of the land and the many trees across the property.

It was wonderful seeing their carpentry skills in action. They built bunkbeds for our team house at the property. Some of the local parents watched and learned as well as a local carpenter. The team finished six bunkbeds in just two days! After their work each day, the group played with the local children. They had fun with many activities including face painting, something these kids had never seen before. They also played frisbee and soccer.

Another highlight of the trip was an in-service for the farmers in the region who raise livestock. Paul Slayton, one of the group members from Bedford, raises livestock so he did an in-service for the farmers two years ago regarding good practice for livestock. Many people had questions on how to help when their animals have difficult births. So Paul came back to do just that on this trip along with building bunkbeds. He was amazing bringing everything to their level. He gave them practical techniques on how to help a calf during a difficult birth. The farmers were so happy with the information acquired from Paul. At the end of the presentation, the group handed the local farmers some hats and sunglasses to protect from the hot sun.

And the learning didn’t stop there! The locals had many questions about CPR so Miquette seized the opportunity to teach them about it.

It was an amazing week of learning incredible things from people who have hearts to help Haiti. Thank you so much for coming and making a difference.

Reading Our Way to Success
teachaiti team
Haitian Education has a long way to go. I have to say there are many measures being taken to ensure it is improving. But we have a long way to go still. The memorization system is so prevalent in Haitian schools. Little critical thinking skills take place. Little reading and writing take place. Students are good at reading their textbooks however, very few actually read other books such as novels, magazines etc. It is with this in mind that TeacHaiti strives to implement a program where reading and writing is the core of everything we do.  Reading and comprehension is the key, it permeates many arenas of one’s education.  If one cannot read and have a basic understating to cipher what is being read, it does complicate subjects such as  math, physics, chemistry etc. We want to make sure that our students can think critically. We want to make sure they can write and articulate themselves well. We want to make sure they develop a desire to read.

There has been a number of ways TeacHaiti pursue to encourage reading and writing in our education.  This past month, we were blessed with a group of educators from Foxborough Regional Charter School in MA. The group consisted of 6 amazing educators. They are Amanda Turcotte, Amanda Goddard, Merites Abelard, Jacques Faublas, Rebecca Liebal, and  Elizabeth Elia.

This group of 6 did a phenomenal job discussing the importance of writing and reading with our students and staff. The group observed some of our classrooms to see how our teachers taugh and how our students responded. They then worked for 4 days doing workshops with our teachers in the afternoon. They demonstrated how writing can take place in creative and stimulating ways. They did role play etc. It was an awesome time of learning new techniques for our teachers. Our TH staff were so grateful that the group came spending their resources and time to come teach them.

If you know someone who would like to volunteer with TeacHaiti, there are a number of things that can be done such as:

* Teachers’ training on reading and writing, math, science etc.

* Vacation bible school

* Sport summer camp

* Medical groups

* Sewing program. We are looking for people who have a passion for sewing to help our sewing program

If you are interested in any of the following or if you have ideas you would like to share with us, please contact info@teachaiti.org